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Posted by Hyllma

So, that's it. the much-awaited 12the general elections are over. and, definitely, many surprises sprung up along the way.

I've never been a person who cared much for politics.But as I am writing this, thoughts are swirling in my head. The Opposition have managed to give a wake-up call to the BN, who, I think, have been pretty complacent and overconfident that they would have just swept all the seats on offer this edition of the general elections. It's amazing, this thing they call the people's power. Clearly, the people are the ones who choose the leaders. And I believe that these gentlemen (and ladies) should not only be nice to their constituencies come the election time (as is usually noted). Leaders should be working for the people, to help develop the country, first and foremost. Not for monetary or political gains. Ironically though, it is popular belief that being politically active will make one rich. One may be richer in a sense that he knows more people, get to know more friends, and build a network. But the misconception is that being active in politics does not necessarily make you rich, money-wise. Heck, if that were true, my family would probably be living in a penthouse somewhere in the posh KLCC area...*a girl can dream, can't she? *

That said, I'm not exactly a person who would readily pledge my allegiance to any particular political party. I'd rather vote for the person if I know he's done a good job for people in his constituency. I guess that's the one thing that makes me different from my parents who are staunch supporters of BN. But whatever it is, I'm happy to have been able to exercise my democratic right to vote. More so when other people have to go to war just to have a say.


On a different note, next week seems to be a pretty full one for me. I've got to head back to Seremban for the announcement of SPM results (I hope we'll be able to maintain our excellent track record so far!) on Wednesday, then sitting for my competency exam on Thursday. Then it's three days holiday before school resumes on Monday.Hope I'll do well for the exam, seeing that I haven't had the time to study since I've been bogged down with so much work! And if anyone says being a teacher is easy, he's dead wrong. Cos most of the time after I come back from work, my system just is about to shut down. I put my head on the pillow, or cushion, or even the floor, and off I go into dreamland.
Physically, teaching doesn't tire you. Mentally, it drains you. Right till the last drop. But still, I can't think of a better job. I can't stand a desk job, sitting in the same spot in an air-conditioned office, going for one meeting after another. I'd rather be communicating with people than lab apparatus,or machinery.I'd like to think of myself as a people-person. Even though I'm mostly introverted, I need to talk to people to guarantee my survival. It drives me crazy coming home to an empty house, with just the telly and laptop as companion.

Change. Many people shudder from it. Some people look forward to it. But whatever it is, change is inevitable. We change every day, whether we realize it or not. So do the people, the world, around us. What we can do is embrace change. Face life with an open mind,an open heart. Embrace life. Change happens. Deal with it.

fare thee wells...  

Posted by Hyllma

It's final. My boss has already transferred to another boarding school (a far more challenging one, from the looks of things) Rumours had been practically swirling around the grapevine for a while now, before we heard the formal announcement that he was leaving. All of us knew that he was going to leave us, it was just a matter of knowing when.

And even though we anticipated his transfer, when the actual announcement came, some of us were left speechless. And suddenly feeling somewhat insecure,unsafe. Cos then we started thinking of who his replacement would be. And, again, the rumour mill started churning out names,one after another, on the person.

There were some disgruntled individuals who were only too happy to see him leave. But, with the benefit of hindsight, I realize now that he's the best boss I've ever worked with, in my six years. When he was around, we benefitted from many things. None of which (ok, maybe some) the other schools would have been rewarded with.

And,for that, I am grateful.

I'm never good with goodbyes..during my trainee teaching period, I only let the kids know it was the very last day I was going to see them. Cos I'm just not comfortable with the whole idea of goodbyes,I guess.

But for every beginning, there has to be an end. For every meeting, there has to be a farewell. And, besides, we'll still be seeing him around, since he's still working within the system..

Mr. K, here's wishing you good luck in your new school. Thanks for the memories!

And, to borrow a saying from an Irish blessing:

May the road rise up to meet you, may the wind be ever at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face and the rain fall softly on your fields. And until we meet again, may God hold you in the hollow of his hand.

thank god for holidays  

Posted by Hyllma

Haven't been much of a prolific,productive anything lately..Cos usually writing, or blogging, rather, in this context, helps vent off some of the negative vibes swirling around my head (the byproducts of stress and an awful lot of work,thankyouverymuch).. Cos it's only March, but from the look of things, I already have my year mapped out for me (not by me, for me)..

But I'm not complaining.. (ok, a little, maybe....)

Even though work takes up most of my time, it's the one thing that defines me,who I am, and partly, the reason for my existence..I didn't find teaching- it found me. Not that I have problems with the teaching part (save a few stubborn sods)..but it's rather the extras that are taxing. On me, my time,in short, my life. The public finds it easy to point the finger at the teachers every time a child does something wrong..but they forget just as easily that teachers should not be solely responsible for a child turning out the way that he does.. cos u also have parents, peers, and other elements of socialization thrown in the mix. Equally ignored is the fact that teachers are also humans, with feelings of their own....

People conveniently are duped into thinking that teachers have it easy. They get off days during school holidays (while getting paid!)..but they haven't been looking at the whole picture. Go into any boarding schools here and you will find the teachers working hard day and night just to ensure that their students will score distinctions in the exam.And, without being paid extra. (if I were paid extra, I think I should be able to afford that sleek Beemer by the end of the year...) And even then, should there be courses being held during the school holidays, it's still work for the teachers...

Like I said, teaching found me. I grew to love being a teacher, to touch lives of young people who would, one day, be someone in their own country. The best reward for a teacher is not money. It is the satisfaction of seeing my students score distinctions in their exams, and subsequently being offered places in overseas universities that most could only dream about. It's the joy in running into my ex students and to discover that they have done well for themselves. and most of all, when I hear the words "Thanks for everything,Miss.I'm someone today because of you"

I planned on venting off my huge workload while blogging..and somehow ended up getting melodramatic...but hey, for what it's worth, I love teaching.I love my kids. (I just don't like some of the people I work with) then again, life never really gives you what you if life gives you lemons, make lemonade!