i got tagged...apakah?  

Posted by Hyllma

am not exactly familiar with all this tag business..but since i got tagged by ana all the way from bandung, buat je la.... so here goes...

1. 5 characteristics of your dream gal/girl

  • beriman (abis kalo x beriman camne nak ajar aku jadi baik...Kan?)
  • caring+loving
  • understanding
  • generous (your money is my money, bebeh!)
  • not necessarily handsome, but sedap mata memandang...

2. Lelaki/Wanita yang anda x minati sepanjang hidup

  • a narcissist
  • org yg suka mempoyo+ menjoborkan diri
  • liars
  • hypocrites
  • someone who ALWAYS insists that he/she is ALWAYS right

3. 5 perasaan anda sekiranya keluar dengan orang yang anda minati

amende la soalan nih...mcm soalan yg jawapannya adalah penampar jek.

  • rasa cam nak senyum je sepanjang hari (betul kan?)
  • gumbira tahap indescribable
  • jalan cam rasa x pijak tanah
  • like i'm the luckiest person on earth
  • heh. mcm dunia ni aku yang punya (pinjam kata-kata tan sri p ramlee)

4. Tempat Istimewa yang Ingin Dilawati Bersama Pasangan Anda

  • Mauritius (I'm an island babe...not much into hiking and the outdoors)
  • New Zealand
  • Eiffel Tower
  • 2480 Cumberland Road, San Marino (tempat jatuh lagi dikenang, inikan pula tempat bermain...rindu wooo masa dok kat sini dulu)
  • London (double decker bus, harrods, guard yg pakai baju merah+topi tinggi tu-dun remember what they're called...)

5. Barangan Istimewa/Sesuatu yang akan anda hadiahkan kepada si dia

depends on the occasion la kot. but one thing i know for sure, i'll give that special person something that i know he likes / has been eyeing..to see that shocked+grateful expression on his face when he rips open the wrapper and peeks into what's inside the box is simply priceless.....

mangsaku seterusnya....angah, baby ilyana, dora, yani, nawal. your turn !!

crazy busy school week  

Posted by Hyllma

yep, school's officially started..and along with it came duties and responsibilities (not that not working for seven weeks meant that i had no responsibilities!)

lucky me got only 20 teaching periods this semester (as opposed to 24 last year! and that included est in the beginning!!) but thank God they later decided to let est be an elective subject, and , as such, i no longer needed to teach it. imagine having to scour textbooks and not to forget, the wonderful world of google to look up information on things i never studied in school... i mean, yes, i studied general science..but that was as far as it went..

funny thing though, about the schedule. by some weird, wicked twist of fate, i was 'fortunate' to be chosen as one of those who's going to be teaching civics. yeah, right. i mean, i am civic minded, yes. but to teach in bahasa malaysia when i've been teaching in english for almost seven years is a bit weird. but i guess it's just one of the challenges i've got to go through. i mean, if i'm able to speak in front of 600 people, teaching civics should come easy, right? i hope so.

and this year i'm no longer in charge of the debating team. switched camps to drama instead. i love debating and taking care of the debate team, to death. but then again, it should never be at my expense, at least where school holidays are concerned. for the past six years, i've been going to every single hksbp, as an adjudicator in the first few years, and later as team advisor. there's such thrill in having to prepare your rebuttals there and then when the opposition is trying to bring down your case. but then again, like i said, i'm also entitled to a full two weeks of my school holidays, like pretty much everyone else at school. and besides, it would only be fair if others also experience what it feels like being in charge of training and taking care of the debaters.

so far i'm having a pretty good weekend..went bowling with my sisters tonight. i've never been very good at bowling, but i scored quite decently for a novice. i guess we'll be making more trips to the bowling alley...and let's hope that the gutter ball will be history :)