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does it always pay to criticise everyone and everything? do we always have to make everyone hear our opinion just because we have one?

i've never been one against criticisms (and yes, i can take them in good stride!), but I just feel that if we should criticise anyone (or anything,for that matter), it should be constructive, rather than destructive, criticism.there is no point criticising someone if it meant to make us look good. if we need to criticise someone for not doing a good job, then by all means, do criticise him or her. but we should also be responsible to point that person in the right direction. it's not enough to just tell someone that he or she is wrong. it's also equally important to tell that someone how to not make the same mistake again.

we're all very good at destructive criticisms, by pointing out other people's mistakes and follies. it's easy to point fingers and say a,b,c, are all wrong. perhaps we should all learn to be a bit more constructive with our criticisms. maybe then everyone will live happy lives.

funny sunday  

Posted by Hyllma

for someone who is so not a morning person, I laughed at myself this morning..for waking up early and, as a result, coming to work earlier than I was supposed to. I'm not laughing at the fact that I woke up early, just that when I got to school, i discovered that the program was supposed to be at 10.30 a.m instead of 8 a.m., so I had a good laugh there. I guess this is what happens when I'm on autopilot. (since I wasn't really willing to end my school hols just yet!)

to those who sent me birthday wishes, thank you very much.

how i wish the school hols were longer. seriously.