enough already!  

Posted by Hyllma

for someone who is not so politically inclined (i consider my privilege to vote to be as far as it goes for being politically involved!) , i really am sickened by the way things are going nowadays. i mean, yes, the whole nation voted for their choice on march 8th, after which the current govt was formed. so i believe the next order of business is how to make this country a better/safer/more harmonious place to live in.

i'm not saying that the government is all perfect (everything is trial and order,i believe ) so yes, they make mistakes. but it is not fair, and nor is it equally right nor responsible for the opposition, to simply complain that the government is not doing a good job. and if we believe that the government is not pulling its weight, the responsible opposition play its role, to provide check and balance so that the government will not slacken. i don't understand why, in a government 'by the people,for the people', the people don't respect the choices that they themselves had made. i believe that if you don't like the present government, well,tough,cos you made the choice yourself. nobody pointed a gun to your head and coerced you to vote to anyone's advantage. there are due processes of law to be followed, and i believe we should follow the rules in this sovereign country. kalau tak puas hati, tunggu the next general election la.....

i mean, there are greater troubles ahead of us. the world is on the brink of a recession, brought about by the american economic crisis..so I believe that we should stop bickering and just get on with our lives. we do what we're supposed to do, carry out our obligations and responsibilities, so that this country we call home will be exactly that, a home.

I came across this quote from zig zigler,and just thought of sharing it here:

"some people find fault as if there is a reward for it"

and, on that note, remember the ugly malaysian? let's bury him for good.