Posted by Hyllma

*wipes dust off laptop screen*

it sure has been ages since i last blogged (almost a year ago!), which goes on to show that time sure flies. been wanting to update this blog since ages ago, but i kept putting it off, cos it always boiled down to having better things to do than spending a huge chunk of time updating my  blog (i don't really like one-liner blog posts/updates!)

so what exactly have i been up to? lots, actually. 
there's been lots of changes in the past year. for one, i'm posted in sains rembau now, in a quaint lil place called kundur (negeri sembilan sure has many funny places for its towns!). a huge change from my previous school. for one, there are girls here! and also, i've got 13 year olds and 14 year olds to teach too, in addition to the form 4s that i've gotten so used to. it took a lot of adjustments, (not to mention headaches!) and patience, but i finally got the hang of it. and loved it. 

for once, i don't have to worry about trials this year, since i don't have exam classes to teach (what a relief!). but much of our time this year (at home) was spent planning for my sister and brother's double wedding, which is in a week or so. which is probably the reason i didn't really feel like celebrating aidilfitri this year. 

not that i'm turning into a cynic or a jaded person, but somehow the magic is gone from hari raya aidilfitri. first is because everything is so commercialised- from clothes to raya cookies to pretty much everything else. it used to be so much more special celebrating aidilfitri while we were growing up (probably because at the time, we get to collect duit raya instead of having to give it out these days!)

and, one of the important changes i went through is that i finally worked up enough courage to start driving (again) licence was in cold storage for around 6 years before i familarised myself behind the steering wheel again, but it's still a huge start. we've got to start somewhere, eh? and credit goes to kak roslina for her wisdom and encouragement. sure couldn't have done it without you, sis!

here's wishing everyone a happy aidilfitri. take care!