inconsiderate young people  

Posted by Hyllma

i was pretty pissed from the moment i set foot in the ktm train from seremban, right until i reached the shah alam station.

never mind that it was the day before the labour day weekend, or that the train was 99% full (it was so full i could barely move).

never mind that everyone was pushing and shoving pretty much everyone else just to get a spot in the train.

what irked me the most was not only the sheer volume of the commuters. one fact that disturbed me was the fact that there were many residential school students (mara/sbp/other schools).nothing wrong with that, really. but what made my blood boil was the sheer insensitiveness and selfishness of these kids. i mean, you're young, healthy, and i don't think the civics lesson they teach at school really did any of these kids any good. none of them gave up their seats for those who needed them more (read: older people, who can't really stand up for a long time).. cos all they cared about was just to have fun, laugh, crack stupid jokes among themselves, or sleep. (ok, i'm not blaming the few who were sleeping, but i'm more irritated by those who were laughing so loud like the train was theirs!)

so, 1 malaysia, or otherwise, someone should knock some sense into these kids. they should learn to be more courteous and civic minded, and not just think of themselves!

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