gluttony, part one  

Posted by Hyllma

there we were, staring (practically) at the succulent grilled ikan pari and the two condiments (kuah asam pedas as well as the dip for the fish), served with piping hot steamed white rice. simply describing it now (approximately one week after the fact) still makes my mouth water!

we'd made our way there (dora, yani and yours truly) courtesy of dora. the lunch crowd was still making their way into the restaurant (it was a working day!), which goes on to show that the food served there IS good. i'd vouch for this cos so far, the places dora introduced us served good food. at practically a steal. ok, maybe not so, but qu
ite affordable and doesn't quite pinch the pocket, at least not that much.cos a whole set (rice+fish) is only RM 5.50.

the fish served was freshly prepared on the premises, and the moment you sink your teeth into the flesh of the fish, the yummy marinade simply sizzles on your tongue. and i was told that during the fasting month, there are really long queues for this ikan bakar.

it's nice to think that during these trying economic times, there are people who do not put profit before everything times when people are thinking about their shrinking spending power, there are still people (like the proprietor of Ikan Bakar Fend) who are quite considerate with the prices of their food.

*so i guess i don't have to go all the way to umbai to get yummy ikan bakar now, do i? *wink*

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