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that word called friendship, and feelings, are always two very,very sticky words.

it's amazing how we tend to hurt the people whom we love the most more often than not, and sometimes also take them for granted, consciously, deliberately, or otherwise. we always assume that they'd always be there for us, that they'd be able to put up with all the nonsense that we manage to come up with, that we conveniently forget that there's always a limit to what a person can take.

i've never been a person who's always had a whole gaggle of friends with me, but i treasure the few ones that i have. cos they're the ones i can count on when the world gets a little bit too crazy for me to handle on my own, to be able to knock some sense into my head when i seem to have rammed my head against a brick wall, to just be there whenever i need them.

and it's not like it's always been smooth sailing with them, either. like brothers and sisters, we quarrel. heck, there was a moment when we weren't on speaking terms, either, but, in the end, we managed to sort things out. now, with the benefit of hindsight, i believe that incident taught me who my real friends were, and still are. and I thank God for every single one of them.

it's a sticky thing, friendship and feelings. being friends doesn't necessarily mean having to agree with our friends all the time. there are times we have to let them see the truth, even though it may mean having to hurt their feelings a bit.

but for us to take our friends for granted, that, is cruel. especially if that person has always been there for us, through thick,and thin, and when our world seems as if it's going to explode. it's only right for us to return the favour.

fairweather friends are plenty to come by, but true friends are far and few in between..

to my friends, you know who you are. thank you for always being there for me, for sticking up with all my nonsense, for knocking sense into my head, for just being you. here's wishing for another 1000 years of your friendship!

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