what am i?  

Posted by Hyllma

got this one off facebook. parts of it are true. but then again, with the Internet being what it is, I guess it wouldn't hurt to take it with a pinch of salt....

Phlegmatic (Water)

You are the harmonizer and peace-maker. You prefer life to be peaceful and flowing, rather than bright, changing and vibrant. You are a loyal & steady friend. You have the power to merge the ordinary with the extraordinary, but because you may take your time to do this, many people may perceive you as slow or unenthusiastic rather than seeing the real you that is simply flowing and meditative.

An affirmation for you would be:
  1. Visualize yourself floating Flowing, moistening, merging The reservoirs, river and streams of your body
  2. Going deep within for the wisdom of life. The depths of the unconscious mind, Facing the darkness of the unknown,
  3. Find the courage to be vulnerable, Aging with grace and health.
  4. Massage your lower back,
  5. Avoid cold foods and sugar.
  6. Limit your salt intake.
  7. And always listen to your dreams.

*I dunno about you, but I like #7. That's the advice I always tell my students.

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